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GES Students Promise to Avoid The Summer Slide

Research has proven that students who read over the summer maintained or gained reading skills, while those who did not read over the summer months lost up to two months of skills. Just like a skilled athlete who lose some of their skills if they don’t practice, children who do not read in the summer lose two or three months of reading development. This is often referred to as the “Summer Slide.” To avoid this slide, students at GES have signed a reading pledge at school, pledging to read at least six books and/or 15 minutes a night over the summer. At the end of this summer, if your student meets or exceeds this goal, sign below acknowledging that they did achieve their goal. Your student should then return this letter to school when they return in September to be recognized at the beginning of the school year.
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GES Wild West Book Fair

Ya'll come out and lasso up some good ol' books Sept. 18th-22nd in the GES Media Center. We are open 8:30-3:30 and we will have special hours until 5pm on Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 20th.
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