School Uniform Guidelines



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Policy Guidelines

Policy # 600-12

School Uniform Information:


Somerset County Public School Board of Education will continue with mandatory school uniforms for the 2013-2014 school year for all schools.  All students are required to dress in uniforms daily unless it is a designated casual or dress for success day.  Note:  See policy #600-12 for additional requirements


Navy blue, black or khaki pants, capris, walking shorts, jumpers, skirts or shorts (No Denim)

Jumpers, skirts, skorts, shorts (4 inch inseam) must be respectable and modest in length
Clothing items must be worn at the natural waist (above the hip)
A belt must be worn if the clothing item has belt loops. Belts may not be accessorized, have adornments or have decorative belt buckles
All bottoms should be appropriate size so there is not stretching or gapping of the material. Bottoms should not be tight to the skin or baggy
Lounge wear or pajamas are NOT permitted
Clothing items must not be cargo style or have multiple zippers/pockets

Leg Wear

Solid uniform color socks, tights, or pantyhose may be worn under appropriate outer garments
Leggings are NOT permitted


Solid white, burgundy, yellow, black or blue (may be navy or light blue) - long sleeve or short sleeve oxford or polo shirts

All shirts must have a collar and must be tucked in or worn at mid hip. During normal routine activities like raising an arm or bending over, no skin should be visible between the waistband and the bottom of the shirt
Solid designated uniform color long sleeve shirts are permitted under the appropriate collared shirt
Crewneck, Cardigan, V-neck sweaters or fleece pullovers in uniform colors may be worn with the appropriate collared shirt underneath
Hooded apparel is not permitted
All tops should be the appropriate size so as not to cause stretching or gapping of the material. Tops should not be tight to the skin or baggy
Sleeveless shirts, t-shirts, or tank tops are NOT permitted
Store or brand logos or signs are NOT permitted to be visible on clothing


Shoes must be worn at all times and must be appropriate for the student’s activity—such as tennis shoes for Physical Education and shoes that are safe for running and climbing on the playground
Slippers and flip flops are NOT permitted

Topics of Discussion

Hats, head coverings, visors, scarves or sunglasses are NOT to be worn in the building unless for religious or medical reasons. Parents need to provide documentation of the reason to the office.
Students must remove and store all outerwear in the place designated by their teacher when they enter the building

School Pictures

School pictures are taken twice a year.  Students will have the opportunity to dress casually at least once.  Principals will notify parents in advance.  For class pictures all students will wear their uniforms.

After School Activities

Students who attend activities directly after school should continue to wear the clothing that was worn during the school day
When students return to school in the evening their parents may choose whether they return in the apparel they wore to school that day or if they wear casual clothes. If casual clothes are worn they must meet the casual day clothing dress code that is outlined in the student handbook.
Some activities, such as concerts, may specify a different type of clothing.

Physical Education Classes

Athletic shoes or tennis shoes are required
Skirts or jumpers should NOT be worn unless shorts are underneath
Students will wear the clothing for class that they wore to school that day (elementary only); Middle and High school students are required to change their clothing for PE class.