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Horace Mann helps fund education

Horace Mann is a national sponsor of, a website dedicated to funding classroom projects. We are currently the only supporting organization whose agents actively works in the schools providing workshops for educators and helping them to get much needed projects funded.


Check out what our teachers at GES are doing thanks to DonorsChoose and Horace Mann!

Donor's Choose is an amazing organization that has provided Mrs. Klein's classroom with some wonderful resources! Mrs. Klein's classroom has had two projects fully funded through their organization and are so thankful. They were able to get several yoga ball chairs for when students sit on the carpet, whisper phones to help learners hear themselves read, and some books on tape to give students models of good readers!  All of these resources have really made a difference in our everyday learning! 

Since manipulatives are an integral part of learning mathematics, Mrs. Horner applied for a Donors Choose grant to fill some gaps in our Teacher Center. She was awarded a class set of renreks which are math racks that strengthen number sense for quantities to 20. The students love moving the beads to show quantities as well as simple addition and subtraction. It is an easy way to get them talking about strategies.

Mrs. Horner also got 2 large number lines sets with a variety of equivalent forms of numbers to the 1,000's with fractional parts and decimals that hang onto the number lines. There are several forms of most numbers that the children can actually place on an open number line or one that has the tic marks for a scale. These large visuals help students construct meaning of very abstract concepts.